Kingston Holdings strategy is based on understanding its business drivers such as growth factors affecting the building and construction market. We are an active member of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). Our Managing Director is also the Chairman of Sharjah business Group and Industry at the Sharjah Chamber of commerce and Industry. We conduct annual survey and gather information from a large number of businesses throughout the UAE and MENA region such as consultants, contractors, distributors and traders, to compile a competitive market analysis report, thus identifying most popular brand in terms of volume, price, most competitive, most reputed, and most preferred. Our key sales market is the UAE and GCC countries. We subscribe to a project listing service in these markets to ascertain the volume and cost of projects in these markets, which represent our overall market potential. We target electrical supply of these projects as they represent approximately 0.01% of the overall cost of projects.
Our facility uses state of art machines and tools to produce these high profile products manufactured to International standards. The technology is provided by Joint Venture partners with world-class R&D infrastructure:
Major Products manufactured in Sharjah are: Cable Management PVC, Cable Management –Metal, Metal Enclosures and Data cabinets, Metal Cabinets, light fitting.


Armed with all market information and data noted earlier, our senior management team (lead by our Managing Director), meet annually to review our vision, mission, values, past performance, our manufacturing capacity, our human resource capability to arrive at our Long, Medium and Short-term target and budget allocation for the year ahead. The team meets regularly, weekly, monthly and quarterly to review progress against the plan.
Governed by our manufacturing capability, our orgainsational targets are cascaded down to other departments such as sales, marketing, manufacturing and purchasing. Our sales targets are then segmented by product category such as (conduits, accessories, cable management, GI Box, Raised Floor Box, Data Cabinet, etc…) and allocated to different teams such (projects, distributors, retail and export). The export teams sell our products through various distribution networks to countries such as (Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, UK, USA, Bahrain, etc…).
We prioritize our plans and targets based on our manufacturing capability, market demands and profit margins of different product categories and our ability supply these markets. All budgets and targets are then communicated to other managers and senior employees. Also, to business partners, distributers, traders, retailers (as key stakeholders of our business), and feedback sought and adjusted accordingly. Our sales order processing, purchase order processing, production and finance are maintained through integrated ERP system.

Kingston Holdings- Annual Manufacturing capacity – 2016 .

Product groups Value (in Millions) :

• Cable Management – Metal :42

• Cable Management – PVC :120

• Metal Boxes :36

• Data Cabinets & Metal Enclosures:12

• Allied Products (PVC boxes, adaptable boxes) :6

• Light fittings : 72

• Total :288


Kingston Holding places high emphasis on implementing its strategies in its efforts to achieve its vision. Our key processes are controlled and regularly reviewed and improved as necessary, in order to ensure the most efficient route to this aim.
As an organization committed to excellence we believe that we our strategy must be communicated to all our business key stakeholders as necessary. Therefore,
Our MD communicates our vision and strategic objectives strategy to key technology partners to review our capacity to deliver the strategy objectives. He also approaches large government organizations which representing the regulatory and governing body of our industry in order to be aware of any changes in the laws and regulation in the future that may affect the implementation of our strategy.
Our GM-Sales communicates our vision, mission and values, targets and strategic plans to our key distributors and dealers as part of their regular contacts to review sales targets, which represent an integral part towards implementing our strategy.
Our marketing manager communicates Kingston Holding’s vision, mission through our company website and promotional videos, our company’s profile, corporate brochures, social and digital media.
Our HR Manager communicates our vision, mission and values to all our employees. All employees are appraised by their managers against a set of key competencies and feedback is given. Employee training especially on-the-job training is mandatory to shop-floor staff and product training is necessary to all sales staff.
Our Production Manager communicates the organizational vision, mission values together with production targets with all shop-floor employees. Our strategy is also to reach zero defects and to reduce the cost of non-quality items to less than 0.5% of items produced and increase employee productivity by 5% year on year.

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