Kingston Holding endeavors to give back to the community as it endeavors to create a robust corporate development. We believe it is the only way through which can we achieve sustainable growth. This is why we are committed to working closely with our technology partners in order to further our Research and Development efforts, and also to find a way to operate in a manner that not only meets the needs of today, but also to cause no harm to future generations.

Our top management team came to an understanding that a sustainable Kingston should be based on the following core values:

1. Caring about our Customers‟ needs and expectations.
2. Ensuring Quality in all our products.
3. Delivering Orders on time.
4. Respecting all employees.
5. Caring for the environment.

Moreover, we also believe that our strategy should take into account a balanced approach to economic, environmental and social dimensions. Thus pursuing financial growth, environmental protection and social advancement as Kingston actively works to fulfill its CSR obligations. Therefore, our CSR policy states:

1. We use manufacture safe and environmentally – friendly products.
2. We care to conserve energy, precious and valuable resources.
3. We take active role in society.
4. We strive to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.
5. We support sustainability-related events in the UAE.
6. We work side by side with our customers and suppliers to promote

business ethics, minimize climate risk, and improve resource efficiency.
Finally, we believe that our corporate responsibility is part of our overall approach to business sustainability..


Further to what we presented in earlier regarding strategy development and implementation, the MD and the TMT at Kingston Holdings have set stretch sales targets introduce a number of environmentally-friendly products, as well as water and energy saving products used at homes and offices throughout the region. For example, we introduced energy saving lamps (LED lighting), used for homes, offices and roads which save 70% of the energy used. We also introduce electric showers, hot-water taps, power stream, that saves millions of gallons of water as well as energy savings.

Our Managing Director demonstrates his commitment on the importance of promoting adopting proper water and energy management practices, not only at Kingston Holdings, but also throughout the UAE, (especially in Sharjah). He has been a keynote speaker and a panelist at a number of high-level events on this subject, organised by SEWA, SCCI, and other organisations. He also communicates these messages as part of his role as a chairman of the Sharjah Business Industry Group under SCCI. He often participates with articles and press releases on environmental issues at the most popular newspapers and magazines in the UAE.

We commit a budget for promoting these products together with other products through the largest exhibitions in the region such as The Big 5, Middle East Electricity, Index, Saudi Build, ACETECH and others, in addition to using other marketing tools such as Digital Marketing and social media, which has help reducing the emphasis on print media.
We conduct product technical and sales training to our stakeholders as appropriate. For example, we train our employees, our distributors, traders and retailers on the characteristics and savings of such energy-saving products. Our production department calculates the cost of non-quality, thus have targets to recycle by-products as well reduce scraps and rework. All shop floor employees are provided with safety shoes and uniform together with the latest technology to conduct their work in a safe and secure environment.

Our CSR strategy is constantly reviewed and improved, based on feedback we receive from stakeholders, especially from our distributors, trades and end-users. This is communicated directly through to our sales staff and consolidated regularly by our GM-Sales..

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