It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Kingston Holdings Group.

Kingston Holdings has come a long way in establishing its mark in the Manufacturing industry. It has not been an easy task, taking into consideration what market has gone through in recent decades. We have been resilient and have made good progress in the last years. We believe in forward thinking, innovation and a constant want to achieve. We rely on our in depth knowledge of the local market, and the ability to forecast and respond to customer expectations, which will lead us to high levels of customer satisfaction. Our growing number of customers may enjoy services better than ever before at value-for-money pricing.

Kingston Holdings is well established multinational in Middle East, and Asia. We were successful in continuing to build our global presence, and in proving the ever increasing quality of our products around the world.

We have expanded our retail presence in the Middle East to contribute to developing the local market presence for all the brands promoted by Kingston Holdings and further strengthen the ties with the customer and dealer network Across the world. We do look forward to such continued support across coming year and beyond with new products Strategically targeted to developing our market share with you.


Our Brands